Spark Exhaust Systems

Spark Exhaust Systems

There are a lot of choices in the market today in regards to exhaust systems. The discerning client is looking for quality and performance. Because of this, it is very important to consider the benefit your system will give you. Aspects such as quality, horsepower, torque, sound, and saving weight are all issues that must be thought over before the purchase.

How does one determine a good quality exhaust system?

Did you know, Spark uses only the best materials, including special catalysts, highly soaked with noble metals (platinum, rhodium, palladium). Spark also hand makes all of its exhaust systems which in itself is impressive. Raw materials of the highest quality allow Spark to keep the weight light while still effective and reliable. 

Spark Exhaust Systems are made in Italy. As you may be aware, we at Billetta Imports are always looking for the best brands which exude quality and performance. In our opinion, nothing beats a Spark Exhaust System.

Pursuit of race inspired sound is a huge priority. The range of Spark exhaust systems carries a strong and robust bass sound with an effective DB killer option available.

To put it simply, the Spark makes your bike go faster. How? An increase of horsepower and torque allows you to achieve maximum performance from your motorcycle.

Typically Spark exhausts are available in a range of finishes and materials from Stainless Steel, Electro Coloured Stainless Steel (Black), Titanium and Carbon fibre as well as Full race systems to Homologated (Road Legal) exhausts, Slip-on exhausts, Manifolds and de-cat pipes. 

In summary, Spark exhausts offer substantial power increases as well as dramatic weight saving and rich sound when compared to other systems on the market, thanks to their pursuit for pure performance, which when combined with Italian design and attention to detail makes for a beautiful sounding and fantastic looking product.

For more information on how a Spark Exhaust System will suit your performance needs, call us on 0409 832 925.

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  1. brian 4 years ago

    would this fit on a standard 1200 monster 2015

  2. Peter Thomasen 2 years ago

    Can you supply just the highrise header / exhaust pipe for the Ducati Monster 1200R with the mounting bracket to New Zealand. Thank you

  3. Nathaniel Tate 5 months ago

    Are you able to get the SPARK FULL EXHAUST WSBK RINALDI GRID-O TITANIUM RACE for my 22 Streetfighter as I still want to is the rear pillion pegs. Thanks

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