Termorace Advanced Tyre Warmers

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Electric blanket for use on the track with large side skirts
for quick heating of the rim as well. High-performance heating panel with thermal diffuser. Constant temperature at 90 ° C. Available in different colors and with specific sizes for each tire size.


Product description:

  • Electric blanket made with heating resistance in carbon fibers covered with a layer of thermo-conductive silicone to ensure greater strength, arranged transversely to optimally heat the sides of the tread. System created ad hoc for each variant of measurement and temperature.
  • Performing heating panel.
  • High precision thermostat that guarantees greater safety by stabilizing the tire temperature at 90 ° C.
  • Internal thermal diffuser that evenly distributes heat over the entire tread.
  • Made with internal fireproof materials.
  • High insulation to not lose heat and increase efficiency.
  • Anti-cut and water-repellent outer fabric treated to resist oil and petrol.
  • Material in contact with the tire: flame-retardant and high-strength black fabric.
  • Wide side skirts for quick heating of the rim also applied with elastic to facilitate assembly.
  • Embroidered logo.
  • Available in different colors and customization possibilities.
  • Wide range of sizes to perfectly warm every tire size.
  • MADE IN ITALY product.
  • Compliant with CE regulations.


Tyrewarmers for on track use with wide side skirts for quick
heating also of the rim.
High performance heating panel with thermal diffuser.
Constant temperature at 90 ° C.
Available in different colors and with specific sizes for each tire

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Moto3, Sport, SuperMoto, XL, XXL, XXXL


Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Orange

1 review for Termorace Advanced Tyre Warmers

  1. 5 out of 5

    I had 3 days of racing so I needed to be sure my warmers would work with out any problems so got these ones. Straight out of the bag they were great. Velcro attached easy around the wheels and attached both ends of the warmers well. They heated up straight away and didn’t take long to reach temp. The red led was easy to see at a glance. The warmers completely covered the tyre and walls of the rims keeping them at temp all day. A great product and have recommended them to my racing friends.

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