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For the small twin-cylinder from Japan Spark R&D department managed a targeted project in cooperation with teams participating in national championships such as CIV as well as SP300 World Championship. Development began on Luca Bernardi’s motorbike and led to the victory of the Italian SSP300 Championship in 2018. Also in view of more and more strict photometric regulations in European circuits, the study of new evolutions has been going on Team Machado’s motorbikes racing WSSP300 World Championship and Team MMR with Kevin Arduini taking part to CIV2020.


The full system has been designed starting from the best sizing for collectors in order to optimize gas delivery. Collector has been created with the best construction technologies and structural details to ensure top reliability.

A full titanium version (with titanium collector and silencer) and AISI 304 stainless steel collectors version with titanium silencer in different diameters (d.50 or d.60mm) are both offered on catalog. 


Collectors can be combined with different silencers so as to respond to several aesthetic and sound tastes:

Force silencer l.300, d.50 (GYA8837T) to respect the 102 dB limit, Force silencer l.300, d.60 (GYA8857T) for 104 dB;

Konix with stainless steel (GYA8856T) or full titanium (GYA8833T) collector to be within 107 dB as required in CIV Championship;

MotoGp silencer (GYA8855T) for an extreme (112 dB) and ultra-light version.


Db killer is included. 


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