LighTech Chain Adjusters Kawasaki ZX6R / 636


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LighTech chain adjusters are all obtained from solid piece, CNC machined from billet Ergal 7075 and 6082 alloys, anodized and with stainless steel fittings. Allows precise adjustment first time every time. To adjust simply turn the small adjuster by hand, which has small indetents that click when turned, and a metric scale is stamped into the alloy so you can achieve 100% accurate line up of left & right sides.

Featuring a sleek race design and available in Black, Red, Cobalt and Gold, LighTech chain adjusters are perfect for both track and street. Don’t forget the optional chain adjuster lifters which allows you to use spool-type rear stands for a more secure lift.

Each kit includes:2 x chain adjusters ready assembled, fitting instructions, all necessary fittings for each model. We recommend to be very careful during the fitment for your safety while riding.

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Black, Red, Cobalt, Gold


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