Capit Smart TyreWarmers


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Smart Series Tyre Warmers are the entry level track day tyre warmers from Capit.  Made in Italy with a 3 year warranty and available in Black, Red and Blue.  The smart series are a fixed temperature warmer (85°C) without a thermostat.  Capit use their self regulating TNT system to ensure stable temperatures.

The Smart series warmers are only available in M-XL sizes suiting a 120 front and 180-200 wide rear

SMART EXTERNAL COATING: impermeable to any liquid

INNER LINING: anti-wear fireproof

INTERNAL FABRIC: Insulation wadding

OTHER FEATURES: silicone power cable resistant up to 200 °C, velcro closure, operation check lamp, Ripstop fabric

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Black, Red, Blue


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