Beta 599DGT/20 Electronic Torque Wrench


Technical Details

Nm: 40÷200
Size: 1/2 Inch
Length: 520 mm

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Electronic direct reading torque wrench, for right-hand and left-hand tightening, torque accuracy: ± 2%/± 3%


  • Buzzer and LED indicator for pre-settable target torque
  • Power supply: 2 1.5V batteries (included)
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% clockwise, +/- 3% anticlockwise
  • Reversible ratchet
  • For right-hand and left-hand tightening
  • LCD display
  • User-friendly symbols and easy-to-read measuring data
  • Unit of measurement: Nm,,, kgcm
  • Operation mode: Peak hold / Track
  • Dual approaching/stopping signal
  • Green LEDs and, later, red LEDs matched with a buzzer inform user that set torque has been reached.
  • Green LEDs are on when 90% of torque has been reached (warning signal).
  • Red LEDs are on when preset torque is reached (stop signal).
  • Buzzer: easy to set
  • Buttons allow impact wrench to set in a quick, user-friendly manner.
  • Arrow buttons: torque selection
  • U/S button: for setting unit of measurement and operation mode
  • C button: On/Reset
  • Antislip handle
  • Bimaterial translates into enhanced operating comfort
  • Power supply: 2 AA 1.5V batteries (included)

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20÷100, 40÷200, 68÷340


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