Accossato Z Evolution EV2 Brake Pads (AGPA38EV2)


2 in stock (can be backordered)

AGPA38EV2 2 in stock (can be backordered) ,


Accossato brake pads are developed from the experience directly on the national and international racing fileds.  These pads own a high braking modulability giving total braking control.

The Accossato range is divided into six compounds:

– Organic compound (OR replacement): This compound ensures durable performances and limited brake rotors usury with an high braking modulability . This pads range included scooters market , street motorcycles market and off road ensure

– Sintered Compound (ST replace the original): This compound is realized with sintered process that permits great stability performances with a high friction coefficient.  This compound allows a big “fading” effect reduction also in high temperatures and is studied for ensuring high results also with high temperatures.

– Pottery ZXC compound (ZXC only racing use): ZXC compound is realized through sintered process. These brake pads have high and medium temperature resistance.  Thanks to this feature there is great friction coefficient that is constantly maintained throughout all braking time . It reduces the “fading” effects caused by high temperatures.  This pad is exclusively for racing use.

– STMX compound (Professional Off road): STMX compound is realized with the goal to satisfy all the Off road pilot needs.  These brake pads are studied for off road and enduro in general .

– Z Evolution (EV1 street use and amateurs): These brake pads are studied for street and amateurs use.  They have an aggressive compound and provide good performances in all conditions.


Excellent grip , maximum reactivity .
Dry and wet hight efficiency.

No fading effect.
– Z Evolution (EV2 only racing use ).

EV2 brake pads are the top of the range. Exclusively racing use, created to give high performance in extreme conditions.

These pads are developed from the best SBK AND Moto 2 pilots and they offer a great braking control with reduced consumption.


Excellent grip extremely reactive braking.

Low rotors consumption.

Best performance at high temperature , all the Accossato Brake pads are made in Italy.



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