Back In 2011, Billetta Imports was known as Aussie Sports Bike Gear (ASBG). What started off as a simple home business while I was involved in the Royal Australian Navy, has now become a full time passion and commitment. Managing the warehouse, offices, travelling truck showroom and customer support at events like Australian Moto GP and World Superbikes has brought Billetta Imports into the limelight.

Visiting Italy was a huge turning point for Billetta Imports. Despite selling Italian only high quality brands such as Beta, Bonnamici and Spark, visiting the actual factories and forging long lasting relationships with he owners and manufacturers has given me access to some of the best tools, motorbike accessories and parts the world has to offer.

From a young age, motorbikes have always fascinated me. Being personally involved in road racing in my younger years allowed me to understand what the market was missing in regards to what Australian riders needed. High quality and high performance is key. So is sticking to what you believe in. This is why I have never sold cheap, knock off items and always stocked Italian premium items for my discerning clients.

What was once only available to those talented enough to be in the technical paddocks is now available to all through my new website www.billettaimports.com

In 2017 we decided a change was needed to better represent our brand. Over the past 12 months we have been slowly integrating from ASBG to Billetta Imports.

What does the word ‘Billetta’ mean? It is the Italian word for a billet steel, which is what most of our high quality components are made from, such as our Bonnamici Rear Sets.

If you wish to find out more, please contact us so that I can assist you.

To all the riders and teams who buy and use our products, we thank you. Without your help and support none of this would be possible.

Tristan Olsson


Billetta Imports